10/04/2013, 00:10 Time
Correspondent Joseph Kirk

Government shutdown halts over shooting

shooting halts talk

USPA NEWS - Washington (CNN) -- The slogging efforts to resolve the federal government's budget crisis ground to a halt Thu...

10/03/2013, 23:31 Time
Correspondent Joseph Kirk

Baby gives birth at 2 years old

Baby gives birth?

USPA NEWS - October 2, 2013, according to Daily Mail, a two-year-old boy from China has undergone an operation to 'give bir...

07/01/2013, 20:15 Time
Joseph Kirk

Gun rights: Discrimination or safety

HB 1355 went into effect today

USPA NEWS - HB 1355, 1 July 2013, went into effect today being signed by Governor Rick Scott. Is it necessary or discrimina...

06/04/2013, 13:58 Time
Correspondent Joseph Kirk

Human Trafficking: A growing illegal enterprise

Human Trafficking in America

USPA NEWS - On June 3, 2013 Governor Scott was in the news again for human trafficking and had this to say: 'While these fi...

05/27/2013, 23:39 Time
The Objective Review

IRS Scandal: Drug dealers pay off state revenue services for stamp of approval

Dealers bribing authorities nationwide?

The Objective Review - How deep does the this scandal go? The IRS singled out groups and individuals who wanted to 'make Am...

05/19/2013, 16:28 Time
The Objective Review

Breaking news: In Brevard local collusion concealing crimes

Criminals seeking to run out the clock

The Objective Review - In Brevard County it appears conspiracy and collusion has become the norm for some locals and attorn...

05/18/2013, 16:40 Time
The Objective Review

IRS scandal update: Officials testifying still withholding information

Cover up or memory loss?

The Objective Review - May 17, 2013 the commission inquired with the IRS about the single out scandal of which some cases w...

05/16/2013, 20:22 Time
The Objective Review

Press release: Did Florida Gov. Rick Scott reject or reserve on Amazon deal

Will Amazon invest in Florida

The Objective Review - TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) “” Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who has made job creation his top priority si...

05/16/2013, 06:51 Time
Correspondent Joseph Kirk

Governor Rick Scott comments on IRS single out scandal

Freedom of speech

USPA NEWS - Governor Rick Scott is a firm believer in the first amendment's power to protect and facilitate prosperity with...

05/15/2013, 18:52 Time
The Objective Review

Breaking News: Is the I.R.S. against free speech and the constitution

Single out scandal

The Objective Review - C-Span broadcast the U.S. House session live today, where representatives raised serious concerns ab...

05/14/2013, 16:30 Time
Correspondent Joseph Kirk

Economy: The social and economical status

The shot heard around the world

USPA NEWS - How does the government affect the economy? How does the community affect the economy? How does the unity...

05/12/2013, 13:26 Time
The Objective Review

US warship arrives in South Korea

Nuclear tension on the rise

The Objective Review - The USS Nimitz arrived in the vicinity of Busan on Saturday for a joint exercise drill later this we...

05/12/2013, 08:32 Time
The Objective Review

Strange Breaking News: Outbreak in Ocala Florida

Ocala City Hall outbreak

The Objective Review - After investigation, May 11 2013, of the Ocala City Hall outbreak, it appears information may have b...

05/09/2013, 03:01 Time
The Objective Review

Politic or politics the universal application

United we stand

The Objective Review - In ancient times people communicated through pictures and demonstrations, one of the most basic form...

05/08/2013, 11:41 Time
The Objective Review

National battle against public corruption still going in Brevard County

Corruption in Brevard

The Objective Review - Today, May 7, 2013, The Objective Review sent an email for inquiry to Attorney Gregory A. Crutchfiel...

05/05/2013, 16:28 Time
The Objective Review

Presidential Proclamation days after father contacts White House

Due Process and Title IV funding

The Objective Review - A dedicated father sends correspondence to the White House. Days Later the president issues a procla...

05/03/2013, 02:34 Time
The Objective Review - Correspondent Joseph Kirk

US Department of Justice releases information on church burning

Freedom to practice the religion

The Objective Review - Correspondent Joseph Kirk - Jean-Claude Bridges pleaded guilty earlier this year to deliberately set...

05/02/2013, 08:48 Time
Correspondent Joseph Kirk - The Objective Review

Boston bombing update 3 men arrested

Marathon Bombing Investigation

Correspondent Joseph Kirk - The Objective Review - "Dias Kadyrbayev absolutely denies the charges," said attorney Robert S...

05/02/2013, 02:35 Time
The Objective Review

French Power Company linked in connection with bribery scheme

Rothschild, Pomponi and Pierucci scandal

The Objective Review - On April 16, 2013, charges against Frederic Pierucci and a guilty plea by David Rothschild in conne...

04/30/2013, 13:53 Time
Joseph Kirk:The Objective Review

Local judge in the news again for poor decisions

Brevard County Judge prescribing chaos

Joseph Kirk:The Objective Review - A brevard County Judge handing out death certificates and illegal adoptions is in the ne...




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